What Draws Young & Middle Adults To Church

Pastor & Lady Richardson


The various ways Young & Middle Adults are drawn to the Church is a issue because; Young & Middle Adults are suppose to be Drawn to Christ and not drawn to the Church. This does not conflict with the work of the ministry to (Bring) them into Church. This is just clarification about the term "Draw Them In".

Jesus Christ says in John 12:32 - If I be lifted up from the earth, (I) will draw all men unto me. If Jesus Christ tells us that by lifting Him up, He will draw all people unto Himself. Then why are so many Churches putting so much Effort, Planning, Programs and Finances into Drawing People to their Church in the Name of Building Ministries.


So as a result we have churches today drawing in Young & Middle Adults by the following methods:

Charismatic - Pastors with Charisma (Personality and Appearance)

Attraction is one of the greatest methods that is used to appeal to People’s Taste and Desires for the purpose of Generating their Interest or Pleasure. Give them something they will enjoy. As long as it is good to them, they will come.

Some Young & Middle Adults feel that if they can identify with the Leader, (by the way he or she looks and the way he or she talks) then they can connect with the Leader. Presentation is a key factor in the charismatic draw. Appearances have its power. If not, what difference does it make if I go on a job interview wearing jeans and a tee shirt or a suit and tie. My clothes do not determine my personality or my ability. But they do determine (Your Perception).

Hype – Churches that use Intensive Publicity or Promotion of itself. Pastors that charge the atmosphere.

Do you know if something is loud and backed up by music, no matter how many times it’s repeated, many listeners will react to it as if they just heard it for the first time. Simple knowledge is not often loss in the mix, it’s just not given, but it’s not noticed because people are caught up in the excitement.

Talking loud and saying nothing is sometimes reality in the Church today, but it is not notice because people are caught up in the Hype. Even in Church when someone says to the congregation say “Hey, Hey, Hey” people will do it not knowing the word Hey is used to attract someone's attention. In fact people repeat a lot of things as instructed by the person on the microphone as their responsibility in participation.

Conservative – Churches that hold to Established Traditional Religious Practices

It just seems proper (appropriate and right) that things should be done a certain way when it comes to Church. The Sacredness of the Temple or the Respect of the House of God should conform to the images, settings and portrayal as experienced in the bible.

When some Young & Middle Adults come to Church and worship in a Solemn and Serious manner, they see it as respecting God’s Holiness as well as His Gentle Soft Spirit. Of course some non-conservatives are totally the opposite because they take make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord to the extreme.

Tradition – Churches with set Customs and Beliefs passed through Generations

One thing Traditionalist are not concern about is, where did it come from. Who started it and more important when they started it, what were the surrounding circumstance at that time. There are some things that your forefathers in Christ had to do because of their time period that you are not obligated to do today. (Why do people still cover the Lord's Supper (Communion) table with a white cloth covering)-(There was no cloth covering at the Last Supper)

But some Young & Middle Adults still conform to some old church traditions today out of respecting in memory the old time saints who set practices the way they felt God wanted it to be. Today conforming to old traditions is mainly out of respect for the past and depending on people who you think are closer to God and they can communicate how God wants things done to the rest of the Church.

Stimulation – Pastors that use Motivational Speaking that Builds Self-Worth in People

Many Young & Middle Adults pay good money for conferences and seminars to hear people convinced them that they can do it. The “It” is what ever they are marketing. But what is it that these speakers give to you that you don’t already have? “NOTHING”. Of course the “so called free” Brochures, CD’s, DVD’s and Website Access that you receive contains information that you can find free on the internet.

There are many people who at times, leave Church with Positive Thinking and not a Renewed or Revived Spirit. Because the speaker has stimulated their thinking, motivated their will, energized their determination and inspired their resolve with his or her presentation. The power to be and the power to do is in the Word of God. Everything else is a false hope to succeed.

Entertainment – Churches that provide Activities that hold the Attention and Interest of People

How many times have you heard in Church, now we are not here to entertain you or we are not here to perform or put on a show for you. But something is going on, for them to have to make that announcement. People do not realize that when this happens, it is actually a break in the Worship. Because if the Worship is all about God, what does He get out of that announcement.

This mainly happens when people feel that the congregation is not participating to the fullest in what they are doing at that time. But this is like looking around to see who is not praying while everyone should be praying. Some Churches claim they are not a place of entertainment, but they spend a lot of money on providing the best presentation for the people. Example: When the music department is a production rather than a ministry.


So let me go back to: John 12:32 –Jesus says “I will draw all men (Men, Women, Boys and Girls) unto me”.

* Now that’s the Draw!

Also James 4:8 says -Draw nigh (close) to God, and he will draw nigh to you.

One more thing to add to this conversation. Young & Middle Adults should not come to Church to get. You will be disappointed when you do not get whatever it is that you came to get. What you need to get, God has already given it to you.

2 Peter 1:3 -According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness. God has already given you “All Things” that you need to live a Godly Life for Him. Christian Living!

So Young & Middle Adults come to Church to:

  1. Worship God - John 4:24 / Psalm 29:2

  2. Be Taught His Word - Hosea 4:6 / Matthew 13:23

  3. Be Equipped to do the Work of the Ministry - Ephesians 4:11-13

* But above all be Drawn to Jesus Christ

^^^^By: Paul Richardson




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