Young & Middle Adults Leaving The Church



Young & Middle Adults mainly leave the church because of the way they feel. You are either led by your faith based on knowledge or you are led by your feelings.

There are 2 things if you don’t understand, you will never understand Church. And leaving the church will be an easy excuse.

1. You must understand: Living by Faith

2. You must understand: The Presence of God

If you don’t understand these 2 things you will leave the church because:

  • Church can not Improve your Social and Economic Life

  • Church in Stagnant (Sluggish) Moves to Slow

  • You must Choose Between Intellectual Integrity and Faith

  • You Disagree with Some Passages in the Bible

  • Church can not Help you with your Sex Issues

  • You get Tired of People Pretending in Church

  • Church is Boring

  • Church don’t Give you what you want to Hear

  • Less People in Church your age to Relate to

So instead of debating, going back and forth and even giving you biblical scriptures to address these reasons, the truth is without understanding Living by Faith and understanding the Presence of God, Church will never really mean anything to you other than, this is what we do on Sundays. And that’s until you get tired of doing it.


- You must understand: Living by Faith

- You must understand: The Presence of God




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