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Proverbs 3:6
In all your ways acknowledge God, And He shall direct your paths.
The Challenge for the Young & Middle Adult Believer today is, to live a Christian Life as a Lifestyle and not an off and on task at their Convince. This is about your Life. And this is about God who gave you Life and a way to live it. Nobody said it would be easy; Even Paul says in Romans 7:21 Even when I Desire to do good, evil is present. But through Jesus Christ and His Teaching, Young & Middle Adults can enjoy living a Christian Life.
How do you finish this statement: My Life would be better if..............

Many Young & Middle Adult Christians struggle with trying to live what they believe to be a Christian Life. The challenge is living an everyday life (6 Days). Then having a Sunday Spiritual Experience (1 Day). Many Young & Middle Adults leave church feeling, I need to change my life, I need to work on my life, I need to turn my life around.

The only thing that can make your Life Right is your Soul. How much do you really know about your Soul

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